Homemade dog food for your pet’s health

Homemade dog food is always preferable for your pet because it ensures your pet gets the correct balance of nutrition. Apart from regular medical advice and enough exercise, food is essential for the proper health of your dog. This post will shed light on why homemade dog food is preferred to commercial dog food as […]

Yogurt for your pet – Is it recommended?

Nothing makes your pet feel great and excited that being presented with a tasty meal. Many pet owners are not aware that dairy products are also good for their pets. We often buy and stock different types of dairy products in the refrigerator for ourselves without knowing that some of them can also provide great […]

Green beans pet meal

Beans provide a great source of proteins to human beings, health experts and nutritionists always recommend intake of beans because of the nutritional value they have on the body. But have you ever imagined that beans are also highly nutritious on pets? The idea of feeding beans to pets has never crossed the mind of many pet […]

Carrot Pet Meal

It is good for your pet to be fed on meals it will enjoy and always look forward to meal time. What pet owners do not know is that there are so many meals that can give your pet the needed nourishment.Most pet owners concentrate on buying pet meals from pet shops not being aware […]

Bone broth pet meal

Giving your pet a variety of meals makes it feel comfortable, loved and also looks forward to meal times. It is good for pet owners to make a variety of meals for their pets, don’t be so boring to just feed your pet on one meal for the whole week. Sometimes pet owners buy pet […]

Raw meat pet food and its advantages

The type of meals you feed your pet on greatly enhances your pet’s health and greatly improves the relationship between you and your pet. It is important to select pet meals that will add value to your pet’s health rather than junk foods which will just make your pet obese and have no nutritional value […]

Meals you should avoid feeding your pet

It is widely known that pets are our best friends and companions. Just like human beings they also deserve to be taken care of. There are some pet meals that we feed on our pets not knowing that they could have disastrous results. Just like human beings react to some foodstuffs, pets can also exhibit […]

Debate – Commercial vs. Home made pet meals

Just as we human beings have our own set of meals, pets also have a wide range of meals that you can select from. A pet owner can either choose a pet meal that is purchased at the pet food store or prepare the pet meal themselves at home. There are two main kind of […]

Chicken and brown rice pet meal

Contrary to the belief that pets are supposed to feed on our leftovers, it is important to always feed our pets on meals that are specifically suited for them. It’s unfortunate that some pet owners still believe in feeding remnants to their pets, it is always good to choose a pet meal that your pet […]

How to keep your pet clean

Cleaning your pet is always an important thing to do. Just like how people get cleaned up to look smart and attractive. The same happens to our pet. Cleaning your pet prevents it from getting sick and getting rid of bad odor. Cleaning of pet starts with the pet owner, if a pet owner is […]

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